Guide för filter

End-user license agreement

The specially designed Sundström Safety APP as well as the breathing protection resource guide (”PRG”) may be used to supplement general industrial hygiene knowledge. After identification of workplace contaminants and their concentrations, the purpose of the PRG is to enable the wearer to choose the suitable Sundström Safety mask. As actual conditions may vary on different worksites, it is emphasized that the PRG is only a guide and entails no commitment.

Finding the most suitable breathing protection products will depend on the situation at hand and will require a person who is knowledgeable about both working conditions and relevant properties and limitations of the actual breathing protection products.

In case of uncertainty about the selection and operation of the equipment, the work supervisor shall be consulted or the relevant sales outlet. Alternatively, please contact the Technical Service Department of Sundström Safety AB, contact info found on website Use of a mask must be part of a respiratory protection program. For advice see Standard EN 529:2005.

WARNING Correctly chosen and used respirators may reduce inhalation of certain airborne contaminants but will not exclude them totally. Please observe that misuse of respirators may cause overexposure to contaminants and result in sickness or death. Consequently, appropriate respirator selection, training, operation and maintenance are mandatory for proper protection for the wearer. These respirators may only be used for the specific chemical compounds for which they have been approved and recommended.

General use instructions

  • Non-compliance with instructions and limitations when using these respirators as well as failure to wear them at all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and be the cause of sickness or death.
  • Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of these respirators and/ or failure to wear them during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and may result in sickness or death.
  • A great number of contaminants that can be dangerous to a person´s health include the ones that are so small they cannot be seen or smelled at dangerous levels.
  • Prior use of any respirator, the wearer must first be trained by the employer in proper respirator use in accordance with applicable safety and health standards.
  • User instructions shall be read before the equipment is used.
  • The contaminated area shall be abandoned immediately if dizziness or other distress occurs, if the respirator becomes damaged or breathing becomes difficult, if contaminants can be smelled or tasted, or if irritation occurs.

General use limitations

  • These respirators do not supply oxygen.
  • When concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life or health the respirator shall not be used.
  • For additional limitations of Sundström Safety respirator protection products, refer to Sundström Safety respirator packaging, user instructions and limitations.
  • There might be national regulations for certain substances that require another type of respirator, and if so these must be followed.

CAS-No: Chemical abstract service registry number

IDLH: Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health

PPM: Parts Per Million (parts of contaminant per million parts of air)

Odor thresholds should not be used as the primary indicator for changing gas and vapor filters, instead filter change schedules based on objective data. Odor thresholds can be useful as a secondary indicator for filter change-out.

Sundström Safety recommended respirator is for exposure levels not exceeding concentrations such as the IDLH. When a gas filter mask is recommended, a filter change schedule must be established. The recommendations are for single substance. In case when two or more substances are present, a combination filter may be appropriate.
When using a spray paint that contains solvents, a mask consisting of a gas filter and a particle filter may be appropriate.

Sundström Safety´s compressed air fed breathing protection are to protect users working with contaminants that have poor warning properties, or cannot be absorbed in a gas filter, as well as with particularly toxic contaminants.