SR 570 System

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SR 570 System

The SR 570 system has the benefits of a high-quality head top, with its well-balanced and ergonomically designed features, it is lightweight and gives the user comfortable and safe respiratory and eye protection. With its many accessories, this system provides the user with a wide range of usage.

SR 570 Face Shield

SR 570    Art no. H06-6512

Our Face Shield SR 570 is a well-balanced & lightweight head top with flip-up visor that makes it a favorite among users. The head harness has several adjustments for the best fit.

SR 570 System has a wide range of accessories that enables the user to customize the shield for your work situation.

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SR 574 Welding shield

SR 574/SR 570, EN 10      Art no. H06-6110

SR 574/SR 570, EN 4/9-13      Art no. H06-6810

Our Welding Shield SR 574 is an attachment to our very popular Face Shield SR 570.

This solution gives you a lightweight and comfortable breathing protections together with a welding shield that easily can be flipped up to get good vision during grinding.

SR 574, EN 10SR 574, EN 4/9-13

Why Breathing Protection When Welding?

Welding and welding sites present numerous hazards to health and safety, both for welders and for people in the vicinity. Our mission is to protect you.

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