TRUST by Sundström Safety

Service program to keep your respiratory protection equipment under warranty and to have documented service.

TRUST by Sundström Safety

Our service program is a valuable tool for ensuring that your respiratory protection equipment is kept in good working condition and remains under warranty.

Up to 5 years Warranty

Possibility to extend the warranty up to 5 years from purchase date or 5000 running hours for our fan units SR 500 / SR 500 EX and SR 700.

Notice for Yearly Service

A reminder from TRUST when it is time to service your product to keep it under warranty and to keep your lungs safe.

Documented Service

Have documented service and a record of changed spare parts such as gaskets, filters, filter adapters, pre-filter holders and so on.

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TRUST by Sundström Safety

The TRUST by Sundström service program is a valuable tool for ensuring that your respiratory protection equipment is kept in good working order and remains under warranty.


It is especially important when using the fan units SR 500, SR 700, and SR 500 EX. By servicing your fan units, you can extend the warranty up to 5 years or 5000 running hours, whichever comes first.


With TRUST, you will be reminded when it is time for an extended warranty service, and service documents will be saved in the database to keep a record of your units and ensure fully functional respirators. TRUST will send out yearly emails to remind you when it is time for service and maintenance check. It will also keep all your documentation in one place to make it easy and accessible for you to keep track of your products.


You can choose your own service partner. We have several authorized service partners that are trained and approved within TRUST and our Sundström products. By selecting an authorized service partner, you will ensure that your fan units get proper maintenance and care, giving you peace of mind and helping to protect your health and safety.


TRUST service program is a valuable investment for anyone who uses respiratory protection equipment and wants to keep it in good working order.


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Our Technical Support

If you have any questions in regards to TRUST or our products, you are more than welcome to contact our technical support. Either via email or phone.

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