SR 500 EX Fan Unit

SR 500 EX Fan Unit

The SR 500 EX is a battery-powered fan unit that is specially designed to be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere. This powered fan unit is designed to provide the user with the maximum level of protection, comfort, simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

SR 500 EX Fan unit

For particle- and combination filters.

SR 500 EX    Art no. H06-2012

Our Fan unit SR 500 EX is intrinsically safe and is specially designed to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Automatic air flow control gives the user a safe use with the highest protection level. The same control is used for starting, stopping and selection of operating status.

All our fan units will alarm the user if any obstruction occurs.

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Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

In many workplaces respiratory protection is just one of the many factors that needs to be considered that is essential to look at from a risk assessment and safety aspect. Here we are going to look a bit closer at workplaces where there is a possibility that explosive environment can occur and how to encounter that problem from a respiratory protection point of view.

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