Extended Warranty

Servicing your powered air purifying respirator will enable you to extend the warranty up to 5 years or 5000 running hours.

Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty on your Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The manufacturer of the SR 500/SR 500 EX and SR 700 fan units, Sundström Safety AB, hereby guarantees the end user the right to within 60 months or 5,000 operating hours from purchase – whichever occurs first – at no cost have rectified faults caused through defects in design, materials or manufacture.



This extended guarantee does not apply to normal wear or for a product that has been modified, neglected, exerted to external forces, undergone none-authorised repair or service, or has been used in violation of the manufacturer’s warnings, limitations, recommendations or other directives. These directives state, among other things, that the fan units must be fitted with manufacturer recommended original filters, that is to say Sundström’s particle filter SR 510, particle filter SR 710 or gas filter in combination with particle filter SR 510. The guarantee does not apply to batteries/battery charger or head-tops and other accessories.



Guarantee service In addition, the validity of the extended guarantee is dependent on guarantee service being carried out by the manufacturer or a service partner authorised by the manufacturer. This service must be performed 12, 24, 36 and 48 months after purchase. In good time before the time for the desired guarantee service, the manufacturer or place of purchase must be contacted for information concerning applicable procedures, scope of service, delivery address, etc.



Whoever desires to claim the right to free repairs in accordance with this guarantee shall send the product in its original packaging with freight paid to the manufacturer’s address together with a written description of the fault. Documents proving date of purchase, place of purchase and guarantee service already performed must also be attached.



Products that have not undergone guarantee service as above and as such are not embraced by this extended guarantee shall be covered for a guarantee period of 12 months from the date of purchase or for a longer period as prescribed by law.